Shelby Township Dentist Repairs Broken Front Teeth

Dr. Antolak: Hi, this is Dr. Antolak from in Shelby Township, MI, and sometimes people have issues with having emergencies where they do some trauma to their front teeth. And, our friend Aaron here, can you describe what happened?

Dental Patient: Well, I was trying to remove a socket from a ratchet, and slammed the ratchet right into my face.

Dr Antolak: And, what happened is right here. These teeth broke off here. So, right now, the most important thing was he saved a couple of fragments. This broke up in to a number of different pieces, but you can kinda see, this is a piece that we’re going to end up using. We’re going to actually bond this segment to his tooth here. And the other one’s going to get bonded to the other tooth. And then we’re going to basically back fill it with the composite materials that we use. Which are light cured. And we will see what that looks like as we do it. But we’re going to take our bonding agent, and prepare both sides of the teeth. And kind of glue it together, and then fill it with other materials. And so we’ll show you what it looks like. Okay.

So we’re going to go ahead and we’re just, that’s the surface of the tooth. Now we’re applying what is called a bonding agent right to it here. What this is going to do, is this is going to make it so that we can bond these segments together in pieces and so even I’ll apply this to the fragment of the tooth. He called yesterday. It was a Sunday and I said store it in water. He doesn’t have any pain so that was good. And so we are just going to apply a little bit of that to it and then we are going to blow up. So right now, those 2 pieces that I had… this is part of.

Here that has broken. We don’t need a light. And the other part is right here and we can see here, these are the 2 pieces. So we’re going to have to try to create some aesthetic appearance now between these segments that are broken so that it looks nice, and finish it up. So we just applied a thin material here and then bonded them together. And then we’re going to make sure they’re done. So, we’ll see what it looks like we’re done. Come in. You ready?

Dental Patient: Mm-hm.

Dr. Antolak: Okay. So we have a base color here that is going to be a little bit darker and we can notice on his teeth, that we have a little white opaque color to it. So we’re going to have to make this into a couple of different colors. This is kinda like taking a wallpaper for example, and part of that wallpaper got torn out. Now we have to, without having any other wallpaper samples now we have to try to make it look good. So as we can see in his teeth he’s got, this is like a base color underneath it we’re going to leave a little bit of a space there. And we’re going to put an opaque white color in there. And to kind of frost it and make it look like it blends in with his other teeth.

So this is called composite material, and, we can, reshape it and it works wonderful. This is actually what we do all our fillings out of, the front fillings or back fillings, and it allows us to give it the natural color of a tooth and yet have very nice aesthetics so it looks good. So we’re going to cure this now with a light. Then we have a special orange shield that we can do over that, so we’re going to just let that harden up. That light hardens it up.

There’s an opaque color to go over that to give it a little bit of different depths. So if we look at this it looks that same color there, but his teeth you can see he’s got where his natural tooth was here, he’s got this white frosty appearance to it, so we’re going to try to duplicate what that looks like a bit more. So we’re going to take a little bit of material here.

And, kind of, get it through the filling itself and, give it a little bit of a speckled look to it. Then we’re going to cure it with a clear material.

Dr. Antolak: So, we went ahead and finished this up we cured it. And did what we could to, kinda, match the colors and make it look more natural for him. And Aaron took a look, and that’s our final result right there, okay.

Aaron’s got his smile back now. We can be happy with that. So now we can put this on YouTube and everybody’s going to see it. You have any thoughts about that, about maybe taking something off of socket?

Dental Patient: Yeah, I’m gonna be careful about that now.

Dr. Antolak: So we’ll do a do that like I told you before is that now that tooth has been kind of traumatized a little bit so we’re going to have to see what happens over time. In a situation like this it’s been hit and jarred pretty hard. So we’re going to see how the nerve responds, if the nerve responds normally. Or it might need to have the nerve removed in the future if it doesn’t. So we’ll keep an eye on that.

Shelby Township Dentist Repairs Broken Front Teeth

If there are any questions about repairs to broken teeth you can call us up 586-247-3500 or in Shelby Township, Michigan. Thank you, take care.

Shelby Township Dentist Repairs Broken Front Teeth