Shelby Township Dentist Does Dental Work in Haiti

Dr. Antolak: So, I would like to present to Pastor Daniel and Kliny, my papa and mommy here in Haiti. So, I had patients of mine, and, I’m recording this for them, who, I did crowns on them. And, if I had to take one off, I asked them if they would be willing to give that crown up so I could send it off to be recycled. Then, all the money, because it’s not mine, all the money that comes, we’re going to get it together, and I’m going to give it to you for the orphanage. Okay, so I’d like to present you with $2200.

Pastor Daniel: Oh! Thank you!

Dr. Antolak: So I’ve got cash, 20s here. And this is because of you. Those who were willing to give up possibly a gold crown that you redid, or something like that, because of your generosity, we’re able to do this, provide care for, how many orphans do you have?

Pastor Daniel: 71.

Dr. Antolak: 71 orphans, and now in 2 different locations and this is one of the locations here. I’d like to make it a trend that we do this, so that the money can go straight to the orphanage and how they feel it’s best used, so here you go.

Pastor Daniel: Thank you, all of you for partaking in this. This is wonderful. And you will always be in our prayers and God bless all of you.

Shelby Township Dentist Does Dental Work in Haiti

If you would like to have your old crowns help support the orphanage in Haiti, contact our Shelby Township office for more information at 586-247-3500 or visit us online at

Shelby Township Dentist Does Dental Work in Haiti

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