Shelby Township Dentist Demonstrates the Use of a Laser

This is Dr. Antolak from located in Shelby Township, Michigan. My phone number is 586-247-3500. And what am I doing holding a piece of pizza and these silly glasses and this thing here? Well, I’m going to demonstrate what a laser is. A laser is light amplitude stimulation and what it is is basically it’s light that comes out of a tip like this. This is a fiber tip that comes out of here.

We just use this for doing what’s called soft tissue laser. We actually can re-contour the gum tissue, the soft tissue of the mouth. There other lasers that are used for cutting teeth and different things like that, but this is just a simple called a dialed laser. What I wanted to do was to demonstrate on a piece of sausage here.

So, what we do, is we’ll activate it, and then we just go in, and you can see, what’s happening here is, as you see, is it’s sizzling like that, We have some burnt pepperoni.

We’re really going at it here. And so as you can see we’re just doing it and cutting through it. And with the beauty of a laser, as we can see cutting through the sausage. There you go. But the beauty of this laser is when it’s done, on occasion it just cuts on the end of it. The amount of discomfort afterward is so minimal. See where I cut like that. It activates the water molecules and it kind of cuts, but it’s very gentle.

I’ve actually done some studies where I did a crown on my wife. I did 2 of them. One, I used a laser and the other one I packed with some cord, which you’d normally use. See, if you use if you have a crown done, you have to push the gums aside. She had no issues at all with the laser. When she had the cord packed around the tooth, she had some discomfort the next couple of days. So, it’s definitely more gentle on the teeth. And also, we can use a laser for, if we have to remove gum tissue around let’s say, an implant. We can use a laser, it’s very safe for that too.

Anyhow, so we’re going ahead and just cutting off the rest of this pizza and here is your piece of pepperoni. There you go, it just fell off, it broke off. So it’s just that easy when we do the gum tissue or if we have to remove any soft tissue from the mouth painlessly. It doesn’t bleed at all. It clots the bleeding off right away and everything else.

Shelby Township Dentist Demonstrates the Use of a Laser

So if this is some type of technology in something that you would desire for your family or yourself, please give us a call at 586-247-3500. Thank you.

Shelby Township Dentist Demonstrates the Use of a Laser

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