For those who have sensitive teeth, nothing could be worse than having a delicious bowl of ice cream followed by a piping hot shot of espresso. While we may envy our friends who can indulge in this seemingly high-class dessert, we wouldn’t dare put our sensitive chompers through that kind of torture. While living with sensitive teeth can be an inconvenience, it can also be made more tolerable by taking a few preventative measures. Before we get to how we can fix tooth sensitivity, it’s important to know how it happens.

How did I get here?

Sensitive Teeth - Shelby Twp., MIWe use our teeth pretty much all day, everyday. Every bite of food, every sip of drink, and every breath we take must first pass through our teeth. Overtime, our teeth can get worn down and become more and more sensitive. If you drink lots of sugary drinks or don’t take care of your teeth as well as you should, the process can happen even quicker than normal. After layers of enamel have been worn away from your teeth, you will be able to feel it more and more when you have hot or cold food and beverages.

How can I fix it?

Now that you know briefly how you got to this sensitive point in your life, it’s time to learn how you might be able to get on the path of fixing your sensitive teeth.

Get the Right Toothpaste

 There are several great toothpastes on the market today that can help you to rebuild your enamel and lessen your tooth sensitivity. By using a toothpaste of this kind on a daily basis, you can make progress towards less sensitive teeth.

Get the Right Toothbrush

Many people simply buy the first toothbrush they see at the convenience store. If you have sensitive teeth, it’s a good idea to take some more time for your next toothbrush replacement trip. By getting a soft bristled toothbrush, you can be sure your brushing isn’t doing any damage when you brush your teeth (twice daily!).

Avoid Acidic Food and Drink

If you want to get away from where you are now in terms of tooth sensitivity, it’s probably a good idea to stop doing the things that got you there. If your diet is full of sugary or acidic food and drink, it’s time to take some of those harmful things out of your diet. By not adding to the problem, you can focus more on the solution.

Visit Your Dentist

If your tooth sensitivity gets to be severe, it’s a great idea to pay your dentist a visit. They will be able to properly diagnose how your teeth got so sensitive, and can also help to make sure you’re on the right path to making your teeth less sensitive, to allow ice cream and espresso a dessert option once again.

I’m Looking for a Great Dentist Near Me!

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