Sedation Dentistry in Macomb County, MI

Question: I have gone to your web site and noted that you perform sedation dentistry. What is this exactly? How does this vary from IV Sedation and will it work on me? I have such a high fear of the dentist and don’t know if this program will sedate me enough to take care of my anxiety. Could you please answer me? Thank You, Sharon P.

Answer: Sedation Dentistry is referred to as or “Dream Dentistry” at our Shelby Township dental office because it makes treatment just that, a dream. Sedation dentistry is safe and painless. Anxiety is controlled using what is called oral conscious sedation or a simple, safe sleeping pill before and during your treatment. During dental sedation you will become drowsy to the point of falling asleep. During your treatment and have virtually no memory of the visit. For that reason, it is sometimes also referred to as dentistry. Can you imagine yourself sleeping through your dental visit? Sedation dentistry is ideal for patients who are fearful of going to the dentist, would like to get extensive treatment done in one long visit rather than making several trips to the dentist, and for those with a strong gag reflex. A sedation dentist can make getting dental treatment under these conditions much more pleasant.

Intravenous sedation usually involves a deeper level of sedation. Because a sleeping pill is used for the oral sedation it is a safer technique if used with a proper protocol. Both techniques monitor the blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation in the blood to make certain the utmost safety is accomplished.
We are able to treat 95% of patients with this technique. We have only had a few patients who are minimally responsive to the medication. These patients usually need to be sedated using the IV approach.

Sedation Dentistry in Macomb County, MI

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