Hello. My name is Jessica. I work at TheGentleDentist.com, here in Shelby Township, Michigan. Our phone number is 586-247-3500. And our website is www.thegentledentist.com.

I am a hygienist here at the Shelby Township dental office but I also am the patient coordinator, and here at the Gentle Dentist we value our dental patients and we strive to make sure that every experience is an enjoyable and pleasant one. We treat every dental patient with the gentleness and respect that we do for a brand new dental patient or even for a dental patient that we’ve had for many years, and we encourage all of our dental patients to invite others, their friends or family to come to our dental office in Shelby Township, Michigan because we are always, always, always accepting new dental patients.

So, starting at the beginning of this year, in 2012, we have a new referral program. And this leads me to ask, do you want to know how to save $50? And I’m sure that you do. It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is be a patient of Dr.Antolak, and then all you have to do is refer someone to our Shelby Twp. dental office. So if a new dental patient has a business card like this, with your name written on the back, you can get $50 credited to your account. Or all the dental patient has to do is say your name when they call to make their first dental appointment.

This $50 can be used towards any dental treatment at our dental office in Shelby, Michigan. It can be used for a teeth cleaning, a tooth filling, or anything that has to be done. It can also be used for teeth whitening, which everyone wants to have whiter teeth, as long as it’s not during a turning promotion that we’re running, like the Smiles for Life.

And the good news is that there’s no limit to the amount of people you can refer. You can refer numerous people and you can keep getting the $50 credit. So for example, you refer 5 friends or family and you get a $250 credit on your account.

And also, like I said with this business card, if you do hand out our business card to your friends and family they will receive $25 off of your first dental visit. So both you and the person you’re referring will receive money towards their dental care. It’s an awesome new program that we here, have here at the office, and we want to thank you in advance for all of your referrals. So once again if you would like to know more about this, you can visit us at the website at www.thegentledentist.com. Thank you.