Hi, my name is Dr. Antolak from the gentledentist.com located in Shelby Township, Michigan. Phone number is 586-247-3500.

One thing that we want to do in our office is to promote prevention of tooth decay. And one of the products that we do recommend and have in stock available for our patients this is the only way you can get this from dentist this material, it’s called MI Paste. MI Paste is used for the prevention and recovery of teeth that have started to decalcify.

Teeth are made out of enamel, enamel is made mostly out of calcium; but over 90% minerals are contained in the outer layer of a tooth and when the teeth subjected to assets they will eventually start to start to be called decalcified, the layer will become like a whitish layer on the outside of the tooth and that, that is a very beginning phases of the cavity.

If we can take that layer, that whitish layer that’s there and get that to mineralized, then we can reverse the process of decalcification and cavities. That’s actually going to be better in long term.

How this does this is this MI Paste is really good for children who have braces on. Braces obviously contract food around the teeth and when that adequately removed, they will form a white part on the tooth itself. When the braces are already removed, a lot of times we’ll find is that right with that small little part of that bracket is, that tooth will be normal but a rounded would be a whitish color. That whitish color is beginning of the cavity.

This process is can be reversed once again by using a piece like this that can change and add minerals to that area. So, over time it can be brought on each day and over time we can reverse that process.  Another person who is really good for this is our senior citizens or somebody who’s at many medications.  Medications would dry up the mouth and that drying out process really reduces the effectiveness of the saliva. Saliva has a buffering component to it and, but the saliva will then mineralize teeth naturally as long as there’s adequate amount of saliva. Well unfortunately as people get older, the teeth medication the mouth becomes dry.  Sometimes they drink sugary sweet. Sweets, candy, and sometimes even like pop which really destroys the teeth so we have to be careful with that.

We do have someone who has decent control of that and they are trying to really change and we can use this MI paste, what it also does is put a little piece like piece of anything or and rub it on your teeth and that will help to remineralize and strengthen the teeth. So, this is what we recommend for a number of our patients who do have issues with cavities and for those who can, who have them dry out so if you’re interested in that type of process, you can contact us at 586-247-3500 or if you’re interested in this type of, of care we really focus on prevention you can also visit our website at www.gentledentist.com. Thank you.