Hi, my name is Jessica. I work at Dr. Antolak’s office, The Gental Dentist in Shelby Township. I work as a part-time dental hygienist and also as a part-time patient coordinator. When I’m not cleaning your teeth, I’ll be at the front desk doing many sorts of responsibilities. And I took on the responsibility of patient coordinator because I wanted a full-time job at this office because I love this office so much. I love everyone who works here, and I feel like Dr. Antolak is a great dentist. The rest of his staff are very nice and friendly and make you feel very comfortable. So that’s why I took on the job as patient coordinator on top of my dental hygienist duties.

And at the front desk; I answer the phone, I’ll make new patient appointments and I’ll see you, I’ll greet you, I’ll check you in and I’ll check you out.

Thank you.

Patient Coordinator at The Gentle Dentist in Shelby Township, Michigan