Hi, this is Doctor Antolak at TheGentleDentist.com in Shelby Township, Michigan. 586-247-3500 is our phone number.  We try to really excel everything that we do here in our office.  And one of the things that we really try to excel in is our patient’s comfort. Not only are we good at giving local anesthetic.

Listening to our patients needs that type of thing. We also want to, the amenities that we try to provide are sooner the other things too. So that the people when they, they come here to the office they feel comfortable. If they have needs, I will pray over them, provide that level of support and well they are here to is to try do some things help relax, survive. One of the ways we do it is through really neat technique and that’s using the device that I am holding up here, actually have these for sale, and this is called hideout.

And what it does is it is an Atenge unit, which helps to create electrical stimulation in muscles, in different muscle groups, that creates relaxation and it creates release of tension as if it were being done physically. It’s done thru electronics and thru little electrical impulses. And let me show you how that works. This unit is small which is really nice thing. A lot of times people had Atenge units that are large, but this very small. And what it does is if you can actually plug into your computer charge up or into a wall, to charge up and has 6 different setting each setting one might feel like um like it’s a ball rolling around and some is might feel like it’s squeezing your hands and we have these leads that go on your, your bare skin and these leads are the things that provide the electrical stimulation and this unit has the ability to do two separate leads. So you can be massaging your back and massaging your lower back and massaging your neck at the same time which is really nice thing.

For me personally earlier this summer I was using this on a trip to where I was in Washington, DC with my family and there was a lot of walking around and my lower back was giving me some issues.  So I just put this on, on the lower part of my back as I’m walking around the museums and I’m literally getting charged through the whole time I’m going through these museums and I just had this in my pocket.

It lasted all day if you can believe it and it provided really relief for me during that time, included with this set up that we have is, this is the battery charger that it comes with it and plugs right in the very end. It plugs in to these USB cable and it gets, it has a couple of different leads and then some, some different wires that go with it too. But the beauty is, this device here, and this has the acupuncture pressure points through the, through Chinese pressure points. And so each area here is like a meridian.

And in these meridians, these are little points that you can apply for different purposes. On the backside of this manual it has in English, it actually has where, what area if you’re having discomfort in a certain area and you go back and you reference back onto here, and if you can reference back on to here it provides really good relaxation for different parts of muscle groups. One thing that we do here at our office is if someone has some temperamented joint pain or problems in the jaw joint. What we’ll do is we’ll actually apply these leads to the, the hands, like about, right here.

And where it’s applied, like right here, it creates, and don’t ask me how it works, but it’s, you know, through thousands of years the Chinese have perfected this. It’ll create relaxation in the whole muscles and the tightness of the face. There’s also some areas where you can place it on these muscle groups here, on the temporalis area  but you, you have to be, you know, use it on a very low setting for that purpose. It’s very safe. It’s very effective, and the nice part is that this device is rechargeable and it’s very portable. At our office we sell these for 185 and just thinking about going to massage therapist for a couple of hours, 2-3 hours would be about the same amount of soap. This can be something that will provide long lasting comfort for you.

So, if there’s any questions, you can call our office at (586) 247-3500, and visit our website too at thegentledentist.com. Thank you.

Making Our Patients Comfortable at The Gentle Dentist- Macomb County, Michigan