At our focus is completely on you and your comfort.  Our name attracts many high fear people who are seeking dentistry yet have been so afraid to do anything: even entering through the doors.  Many of our patients come in for their first visit with horrible stories about their previous experiences.  Many times they were hurt as a child because the offending dentist never listened to them and ignored their request to stop  because of a lack of compassion.  As a child they made a pact with themselves that they weren’t ever going to go to the dentist again.

We at The Gentle Dentist really want to make a change in their  lives so that they can become more comfortable at the dentist.   The feeling of embarrassment and self condemnation are  common issues dealt with when one has avoided the dentist for years.   Trust, compassion and understanding are required to move someone from high fear to action and the steps can take some time.  Trust is the core element that is absolutely necessary.   Dr. Antolak understands that only TRUST can overcome the emotions of being vunerable  and the feeling of  being out of control in the dental chair.

It is only when the relationship has matured long enough for trust to be developed will he ask for permission to proceed.   When he does it is in small baby steps with plenty of explanation and checks to be certain that they are doing OK.

If this describes you and you are looking for a happy dental home give our Shelby Twp. office  a call now at 586-247-3500 or go to our website at