At in Shelby Twp. Michigan we are very focused on our patient’s comfort that we provide both nitrous oxide and oral sedation.  Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” is an inhallation treatment that requires the patient to breathe into a mask that has a mixture of Nitrous oxide and Oxygen.  This give a euphoria feeling that makes  the procedure giving the name relaxing dentistry a reality  Dental procedures especially root canals have a bad reputation for being painful and taking a long time.  Dr. Antolak will not allow them to hurt and has a number of techniques to numb patients up so there is no pain involved during the procedure.  Best of all with the nitrous oxide use the procedure goes very fast and allows the patient to relax.  This video shows our patient who never had the gas to relax using head phones to just tune out and allow the 80 minute appointment to feel like a 10 minute appointment. For a consultation phone us at 586.247.3500.