Hi, I’m Dr. Antolak at thegentledentist.com. We’re located in Shelby Township, Michigan. Our phone number is (586) 247-3500.

One thing that’s important is white teeth, right? When we smile, we show our best, we feel the most confident, and we have a bright white smile. That’s just how it is with Hollywood and the way that we all want to look; young, vibrant and healthy.

The smile is the way that we can notice that the most. For people who have dark stained teeth, either tetracycline stained teeth that if when you were a child and were taking tetracycline as an antibiotic, your teeth may have turned a brown color; they have lines in them, that’s tetracycline. Or if it’s been years and years since your teeth have been white, and you’ve never whitened your teeth before, this might be the technique to use.

KOR Whitening is a specialized system that is formulated to reduce sensitivity compared to other whitening systems. KOR Whitening is sent to us refrigerated. There’s a syrofoam container that comes all the way from California where it’s made, and the reason why that is, is that it’s refrigerated the entire way here, and we have to refrigerate it. There are no preservatives in it.

Whitening systems depend on the breakdown of oxygen into what are called free radicals. These free radicals are the things that will actually whiten teeth. The way that other systems use the whitening would be to use the preservatives to make it acidic.

In an acidic environment, the material is called carbamide peroxide. It is kept from being broken down in this acidic solution. The problem is, is that when you use it on your teeth, it is like putting acid on teeth; it makes them sensitive. KOR Whitening, because it’s refrigerated, is actually a neutral PH. When it’s a neutral PH, and it warms up, it becomes active.

When it becomes active, it releases oxygen and the free radicals that are involved with it. Therefore it becomes a very active substrate without the acidic PH. It is very effective, it’s actually more effective than, I would say, Zoom. Even though I have the Zoom light, KOR Whitening is more effective than that.

It is a more expensive process. It costs more, and that’s one of the downturns of it. But the advantage is, is it creates a much better result, long term result, without the sensitivity that you might expect and can get through some other systems.

So, on this other side here, you can see some of the different advantages of doing that. We can really see how the teeth have made a significant color shift through time.

In our office, we use a KOR Whitening System. What we do is, you come into the office, we take an impression of your teeth, make the whitening trays (very specialized trays that you’ll wear), and you will get the teeth so that they’ll actually be activated. They’ll be receptive of receiving a very high concentrate of the KOR Whitening System. Then you will come back in for one hour to an hour and a half session, where we’ll actually apply very strong hydrogen peroxide gel right to the teeth. It’s specialized; once again, it’s not solidified. And then you go back home again, and you do whiten again in your house.

It’s about a month process to do this, so it takes time. It takes commitment, but I’m telling you, the results are like nothing else. If there’s any questions, you can contact us at our dental office in Shelby Township, Michigan, and our number is (586) 247-3500, or thegentledentist.com. Thank you.