How To Find A Good Dentist in Michigan

Hi,  this is Dr. Antolak from The Gentle Dentist, in Shelby Township, Michigan. 586-247- 3500 is our phone number, and you can contact us through

What I’d like to do is just to put some questions out there. If you’re in the process of looking for a dental home and wondering how to find a good dentist in Michigan. There are a few standardized questions that you may want to ask even when you’re on the phone with the dental receptionist as you call.

I believe that the web/internet is one of the best ways to research on how to find a good dentist in Michigan because it’s independent. You can look to see a number of different possible dentist to select from and find out what people are saying. Find out what dental services that they do offer.

If, for example,  you are interested in having some teeth replaced, you want somebody who is going to be able to, let’s say, place implants and restore the implants. Because it’s much better in my opinion that, for me because we do both, is to do, is to know from start to finish have an idea of what’s in line from the start to finish.

So another question I might ask is, you know, what’s their educations like, if they can take continuing education, I think that’s important.

Another thing is if you have children, do they take children, are they a family type of practice or do they specialize only in, let’s say some specific things. At our office we see children, we see all different types of and at the same time I have taken, I have placing implants for about 15 years now restoring them and doing lots of cosmetic dentistry so it’s important to find out specifically what your desires are for your family.

And one of the best ways to find dentists in Michigan is to ask someone you really trust and respect. They’re not going to steer you wrong you’re gonna find out what it’s like going to that office and so that’s really a great way too.

Researching on the Internet, like I said before is an outstanding way because you can find out what people’s reviews are of each dental office in Michigan. Google Places can give positive reviews or negative reviews. And we hope that the people who put the reviews are not coerced and that they look genuinely real because people try to get around some of that information,

Is the dentist honest? Does the dentist have integrity? Things can be a little shady maybe with the way that they’re treating people or possibly even billing dental insurance companies. You know, you have to have high integrity, in dentistry. As a professional we’re very highly trusted and one of the highest professions being trusted.  So hopefully, there are people out there who are not affected in a negative way.

So anyway, if you have questions about how to find a good dentist in Michigan you can give me a call 586-247-3500. And we can be specific about that. Once again review the information, and make a good informed decision. Thank you.

How To Find A Good Dentist in Michigan