No fear of the dentist at Shelby Township Dental Office

Dr. Antolak: Okay. This is Dr. Antolak from the in Shelby Township, Michigan. And one thing that we do here is really try to take care of our dental patients needs. A lot of people come in with a large, huge fear of the dentist. Which we know is really a common thing. Many people have had some really bad experiences in the past. And we really try to do our best with every facet of the experience of going to the dentist.

At we feel like we have the responsibility to make sure that when we do things comfortably. So Sherry had recognized this when I gave her an injection here at our dental office in Shelby Township, Michigan. And we really take the time to do some things to make it a positive experience. Sherry, could you just explain something’ that you had said before?

Dental Patient: Well, I was talking about how every time had to have my mouth numbed with that horrible needle. All previous dentists knew that I was going to be a pain. They knew I had a fear of the dentist. I would tense up, tears running down both sides of my face, it was horrible. The pain was absolutely horrible. Here I never feel it. I absolutely feel no pain, I’m not nervous coming here, I don’t tense up, there’s no tears, nothing. I just lay back and relax and no fear whatsoever. It’s so nice.

Dr. Antolak: Yeah, and it’s, so much of that has to do with trusting. Right? So you know that in the past that we’ve not hurt you. You come back again.

There’s no pain. It’s comfortable. So then we feel the positive experiences a little at a time with that tooth.

I’ve been in practice since 1987, and um, back I know 30 years ago. My instructor said if you want to do a good job on yourself he said numb yourself up. I numbed myself up in the very front which would be the most sensitive area. I learned how much it could really hurt and I always remember that when I’m giving injections to go slowly and do a good job in making sure people really feeling your body language.

Thank you so much for those kind words.

Dental Patient: You’re welcome.

Dr. Antolak: We appreciate that.  If you have fear of the dentist and this is the kind of dental care that you would like to receive at our dental office in Shelby Township, Michigan. Please let us give us a call. Our phone number’s 586-247-3500. Thank you.

No fear of the dentist AT Shelby Township Dental Office