Providing Dental Services n Shelby Twp. Michigan and in the Sterling Heights area, Dr. Antolak has a wide variety of dental procedures that he is capable of doing including saving teeth that may need to be removed.  The following video shows such a dental procedure.  There is some graphic video present so if you are squeamish about blood than you may not want to watch this.

When a root canal fails you may develop drainage  and swelling at the end of the root and into the cheek area.  The drainage is puss and is a sign of an infection.   This swelling can come from a lack of coverage over the crown of the tooth and bacteria enters the root, contaminates the root canal filling and enters the bone.  It can also fail due to a fractured root,  poor fill or for a number of reasons.

The pressure from the puss will create a hole in the bone and then balloon out the soft gum tissue.  This usually will require extraction and replacement with an implant.  Sometimes under the right circumstance it may be possible to have this dental procedure done to save the tooth.
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