Economical Smile Makeover in Michigan

Question: I really don’t like my smile! I had an estimate on some dental procedures to help me out, but I can’t afford it. They recommended some caps and lumineers and sounds great, but even with their financing this is out of my reach. I heard of something that I can take out of my mouth that snaps over my teeth. Have you heard of this device?

Answer: I have been using thin plastic “veneers” that press fit over the patient’s teeth to determine what a new smile might look like. We would determine if longer or more protrusive teeth would look better in their mouth and look pleasing to their appearance. Because of the popularity of shows like Extreme Makeover and the Swan there has been an increased demand for cosmetic dental procedures. Some of our patient’s want this Hollywood smile, but can’t seem to fit it into their budget. A new reversible procedure is now available for short term use. It is called the “Snap-On-Smile”. It is made from a durable material that memorizes its shape and snaps over the natural teeth without adhesives. Teeth need to be decay free and infection free to do this procedure. It is ideal for those who can’t afford long term cosmetic dentistry, but want to look nice particularly for an important occasion such as a wedding. The cost for this procedure is between $950-$1400 and according to the manufacturer it can last up to 3 years if maintained properly and used carefully.

There are 18 categories of tooth shapes and 23 colors to choose from. To be fabricated, an accurate impression is taken of the teeth and in a couple of weeks your new snap on smile is ready. This has been referred to “quick fix” dentistry by some and does have its limitations but is good for those financially or medically challenged who want an attractive smile.

Limitations considered are:

  • Protrusive upper teeth, it will look worse if thickness was added to them.
  • Since the teeth are made to snap over the entire existing teeth they tend to feel bulky.
  • Patients who grind or clench their teeth will usually wear them down quickly.

The only way to see if you qualify for this procedure you can ask your dentist.  If they don’t do this type of procedure we would be happy to discuss the procedure to see if you are a candidate.  We can be reached at www.TheGentleDentist.comYou can also visit their web site at

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Economical Smile Makeover in Michigan