Question:  My friend just got new dentures from her dentist.  She now has a real gummy smile and her dentures click when she talks.  They not only look bad, but it is irritating to me listening to them make this noise.  What do you think is the best approach to letting her know this?  

Answer:  Good question!!!  Maybe she has no idea of what they look or sound like.  When the right time comes along you may want to say something like:  “Betty, we have been friends for a long time and have been honest with each other.  Can I give you my honest opinion on the way your dentures look and sound like?  If she says yes then explain the way it detracts from her and because you are such good friends that you felt obligated to let her know this. 

Dentures that look too full are usually not made at the correct height and there is too much plastic denture material in them.  There is a certain amount of material that should be placed in the denture so they function properly and yet not too much that they make sounds and are unappealing.  More than likely she has a very sore jaw and gums.  She should revisit her dentist to see if they can be remade or how the problem can be rectified.  When the dentures are made there should be a “try-in” appointment to approve of the teeth shape, color and position.

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