Hi my name is Dr. Antolak I’m from the www.gentledentist.com, where in Shelby Township, Michigan. 586-247-3500 is our phone number, and what I wanted to do is talk about sleep apnea or the salvage of breathing when you’re sleeping is something that is a real health problem. It in fact can cause daytime sleepiness, drowsiness, people driving the car are responsible for falling asleep behind the wheel and causing more accidents. It has also to do with sleep atria causing problems with

With, sleep disorders, so you never get enough adequate sleep. You never get down to the deep levels of sleep that’s required to refresh and re-nourish your body for over all health.

People who have sleep apnea, who actually stop breathing, more than 10 times an hour, it’s, it’s a, it’s a problem that can actually lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, it can lead to diabetes. The reason why that is, is that when you stop breathing, your body kicks adrenaline in to the bloodstreams to keep it from.

You know, you’ve gotta keep breathing, that’s the bodies most principle, most important function is to keep breathing. It keeps the brain oxygenated, so what will happen is, rather than being able to sleep. Your, your body will wake up you’ll you know be snoring along. And all of a sudden you’ll like this, and stop breathing. And then gasp for air, it’s during those gasping times when you try to reach for that breath. Is when that body is surging. So it really is responsible for a lot of health issues, related with high blood pressure. And the reason why sleep apnea, what develops is that it’s in the back of the throat. If you don’t have enough, space for your, to breathe.

For your soft tissues, for the hole that goes down into your trachea that goes down into your lungs. If that space is actually, gets too narrow, snoring starts, with the back of the throat will actually vibrating as air passes back and through it. But as people start sleeping, they get more relaxed, they get more drowsy, and they get to a deeper level of sleep, they have less body control and then the airway completely closes off and then they get these episodes that take place. the best way of treating this. Well, number 1 is you have to be diagnosed by your physician and then have usually it’s called a sleep study where you spend the night at a sleep lab looks like a hotel room and you’re connected up with a number of different.

Different leads and attachments so they can, monitor all the different vital statistics in the body. Well after that takes place then.

They get a monitor of exactly what your numbers are. And, they’ll usually recommend what’s called a C-PAT. A C-PAT machine is a device that goes over your whole face. It looks like Darth Vador face. And it pushes air into your lungs and, it forces air into it. Well, the problem with that is the best thing to use. But the problem is compliance. Most people, a lot of people are not real compliant with this. So they stop using it. So in dentistry, we have the ability to do what’s called a, a sleep apnea appliance.

What this unit does, is, it prevents the lower jar, when you’re sleeping, from going back too far. There’s little leaks like this, on this case. Where on this unit here, it’s got some plastic pieces that are oval and a little bit loose like that. But either, either case, it prevents the b-, the lower jaw from seeding back.

Into the airspace and for closing the airspace off. So if you found yourself with using a C-Pad machine, you’re unhappy with it, you just can’t get used it, it’s something that, and you just decided, you said I’m sick and tired of this, there is an option. That option now is to use what’s called an Oral Sleep Appliance, OSA, and what that OSA does is it really helps to open up that airway so you can sleep.

So you can breathe well, so you’ll get a restful sleep at night. So that you’re completely fully aware and function for the next day. And it’s also to help with your heart rate and your blood pressure, even your weight. It keeps everything down, so.

If there’s questions about that, our website is www.thegentledentist.com. Our, our webs-, our phone number is (586) 247-3500. Thank you, and happy sleeping.

Dentist Talks About Sleep Apnea in Shelby Township, Michigan