“I’m writing to ask that you please tell Marge, thank you for cleaning my teeth. Truly I’ve been indeed getting my teeth cleaned every six months, though hard to believe. It hurt me, I’ll grant her that one, but I’m grateful for such pain. I haven’t felt my gums be so tightly close to my teeth. It hurt, and yet it never felt so good in a long time! My gums are sitting directly onto my teeth. Before, they were so swollen that I could slide a tooth pick up between gum, and tooth without effort. Thank you Marge, you’re welcome to hurt me anytime … lol.”

– Dental Patient from Clay, MI

Sometimes a little pain can be a good thing, as our patient just explained. But if you find that your teeth are very sensitive or a cleaning makes you feel uncomfortable, we can provide nitrous oxide (Laughing Gas) or sedation dentistry for any of our services, including cleanings.

At our office we try to be as gentle as possible. We just want you to have a positive experience and have proper treatment done the most comfortable way possible.

For more information about our sedation dentistry or dream dentistry, call the Gentle Dentist today!

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