Hi, My name is Dr. Antolak, the owner of www.thegentledentist.com, located in Shelby Township, Michigan. I’m on this video because I know that you are searching for a dentist, and a new dental home. What I’d love to do is to walk you into our office. You know, here, I’ve made this a personal, interest for me to do absolutely my best job of creating an environment in our office that’s the most user friendly, most compassionate, caring.

Place facility for you to come too. The best part about us is our staff, you know, the people who work here. So I’d love to invite you into the office, you know, for me it’s been a passion of mine. I wanted to be a dentist since I was eight years old, and I’ve strived to continue to do that. Now I’ve been in practice since 1987.

And since then my contsamatra is for constant improvement and constantly do the best thing that we can do.

Make that bold move and give our self give our office a call at 586 247 3500. We’d love to see you, we’d love to take care of you and to help you to transform yourselves whether it’s a cleaning or for mouth rehabilitation in which you smell back and can feel good about yourself. We are available to do those things. So thank you, have a blessed day.

Dental Office Taking in New Patients in Shelby Township, Michigan