An extended offer to come to our dental office in Shelby Township

Hi, this is Dr. Robert Antolak from located in Shelby Township, Michigan. 586-247-3500 is our phone number.

I’ve been in dental practice since 1987, so that means I’ve been in dental practice for more than 28 years and the thing about dentistry is that dentistry is a profession that’s constantly improving.

Because of technology, we have to continually strive to do things more efficiently, to reduce our costs. And also to do things more to benefit our dental patients.

We’re a paperless office. We’ve been that for the last 8 years. And what it does for you is you can fill your information out at home, online. As a new dental patient, you’d actually be sent a link that will get you access to the forms that you fill out. And those forms, when you’re done doing it, you just submit it without paper. When you come into our office, you sign off on an iPad. And what it does, it gives us the ability then to do things very conservatively and also that we can make sure that we don’t uh, need, we lose paper and it’s very confidential too at that point.

Now, when you do come into our office we like to greet you with a smiling face because not only is technology important, but what also is important is the environment that you  find yourself in.

Many, many of our dental patients that we see really appreciate the amount of service that they’re given — personalized service. We really want to make this your new dental home. So to do that it’s very important to us that we get to know who you are. So therefore, we like to interview you to find out what’s important as a new patient. And to really customize your care.

So if someone is looking to have for example, a lot of dentistry done and they want to improve their smile, that might be one person. If somebody else comes in, and they just want to have the most minuscule chip on a filling done, and get that taken care of, we’ll easily take care of that too. We try to find and meet people where they at currently in their situation. And then what we find is that as trust is developed, and people start trusting us more, then they feel more comfortable with our our expanded abilities to do things.

We also at our office can do pretty much any type of dentistry. Since dentistry is my passion.  I basically want to do almost every type of dental care. This makes it very streamline. For example, if I have to do an implant on patient, extract a tooth, I can do all that and some fillings in one visit and do that under sedation so everything is kept in our office so that we have a handle on quality care on the receiving end.

What I would like to do is to give you an extended offer to come to our dental office in Shelby Township and even come in and just greet us, meet us. We can even do a free just like a 10 or 15 minute no-charge consultation appointment. You can come in, see our office, see our environment, see how friendly we are and the care that we provide for our dental patients. So if you like to do that we’ll love to see you.

 An extended offer to come to our dental office in Shelby Township

Our phone number is 586-247-3500. We’re a dental office in Shelby Township, Michigan.