Youtube:  Dental Implants Procedure Explained by Shelby Twp Dentist

Hi. This is Dr. Antolak from in Shelby Township, Michigan. One thing that we do at our dental office is we place dental implants, and now I do cosmetic dentistry.  We want to do some procedures to replace teeth. Dental implants are for example, if a tooth is missing and in this example it will show a tooth that’s missing. What we want to do is to put something in there. The old alternatives there, were to do what’s called a fixed dental bridge, is where you would grind around one tooth and grind around the other tooth. You would connect them all with one piece that would go in and get cemented in place.

Well, actually that was something in the past. But over time it has become much more really clinically acceptable, and almost the treatment of choice is to replace a single tooth, like this tooth missing with a single tooth or something like that.

We have dental implants which go on, for example in this patient’s case, the tooth that is missing. This is the implant right here, made out of titanium, that would go into the jawbone. When it gets put in the jawbone, the bone actually heals around that. It takes between three to four months for that bone to heal around it, and then it’s strong enough to support a tooth.

So if a tooth is missing, for example like this, even during the same visit, if a tooth has to be removed, we can place an implant into the jaw and it would go in to a certain level. Obviously, this one’s shorter, but that would get screwed into the bone. And actually, it does not hurt when this is done because bone does not have any nerves that can sense pain. So the only part that bone senses, for example, is when the surgery is done, the soft tissue and the gums that surround it those are nerves that can sense that pain. During the dental implant insertion there is no discomfort at all, even with local anesthesia it works just fine.

Then on the top of that dental implant which is really right here between my fingers, that part is called the abutment. That abutment actually unscrews from here, from this dental implant and that abutment looks like a tooth itself so that would be the part that sticks out and then we can create what is called a crown that would be cemented over the top of that abutment. There are really three parts to it, there is the dental implant itself there is what is called the abutment, there is a crown that goes over the top of that abutment, which would then fill in the space of the natural tooth is.

It’s really critical to then be able to floss your teeth. So by doing that, you can floss between each tooth as if it were the actual tooth. It is a one to one replacement, and so we’re not affecting any other teeth when we do adental implant. Dental implants are really no discomfort at all to speak of, and they are something that has been really tested for a long period of time.

One thing that does happen with dental implant is that they will help to maintain the bone. Just like with a natural tooth, like I just pulled out on this model here, there’s roots that are on there. Those roots, just like an dental implant, if those are in the jawbone, it helps to stimulate the bone from with inside because bone is living tissue. That bone will remain its health and integrity and not shrink down. If a tooth is removed, then over time, this bone that normally exists in this area will start to shrink and get smaller and smaller.

Teeth will also shift back into as the space collapses and the space get smaller. And that takes place when food develops between the teeth and then there’s the collapse of the mouth and function of all things used to function.

So, if you need a tooth to be removed, seriously consider replacement tooth with the dental implant, because the dental implant will be your best alternative in my opinion. And ask the opinion of most dentists, and it also, like I say, it helps to hold the integrity, of your tooth.

Dental Implants Procedure Explained by Shelby Twp Dentist

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