Dental Implant Procedure to Replace Missing Teeth

Dr. Antolak: Hi this is Dr. Antolak from We’re in Shelby Township, Michigan. Our phone number’s 586-247-3500. And today we have a very special person, Dell. She’s agreed to record this and then I’m going to put this online.

The reason why we want to do this is Dell’s had some really nice results so far. And what we did for Dell, is Dell was experiencing some problems. She had had some missing teeth. And where these missing teeth were she had an issue with where her sinuses actually dropped down.

What I like to do is just to show you on an x-ray here her situation she had before. Right here this is the sinus cavity right in here on Dell. What we needed to do was we had to actually take this tooth here out because this was a bridge she had that was fixed and now the space we had between here and here was only a couple of millimeters, very, very thin. We actually had to do surgery and go in to the sinus cavity here and actually raise the sinus membrane.

I have a little skull here that kind of shows what we did. We went in to the side of the bone here and we lift up that sinus cavity. Then we let that area heal and since we did that surgery you were saying that you’ve been feeling better tell us a little about that.

Dental Patient: Yes, I feel much better. My sinuses seem to be much clearer than before. Very relaxing visit that I had. They sedated me so that I could not feel anything. I mean, I knew I could see the people. But I was very comfortable. And when you walk into this dentist’s office, if you’re an uptight person, you can walk in the door and be so comfortable that when you get to that dental chair, it’s just like a, it’s just something that you have to experience. It, it’s just wonderful. It’s wonderful. Everybody here, he’s got a great team. He’s got a great team. I highly recommend him.

Dr. Antolak:  What we did for Dell was we did that process and it’s taken some time for the healing to take place. And now today we’re going to actually take those implants that we placed in there and we are going to be restoring them.

Basically it’s a situation like this. I just have a demo here and this is going to show where we would put what’s called an abutment in the one area implant and the abutment in the other one and we’re going to connect them together with one piece. A fixed bridge like that. So we can do that with implants where sometimes you don’t have any teeth at that point in time.

What I like to do is to come over here again, and what I’ll do is I’ll show what we had done and kind of where things stand right now.

During the surgery, this is what we’re looking at here. These are different parts of the process of doing the surgery. This is where she had a tooth here and she also had a missing tooth so see she had a big long span bridge here. So what we do is we save this tooth here and so she’s got an actual tooth here and now this x-ray here’s going to show the placement of one of the implants.

If we look real closely right in here this is where the grafting was done. You can see it. It basically filled this area. And originally that sinus came down way down in here. We were able to put that implant in. and this is where all that grafting material is. And by lifting that sinus up, what that does, is it allows for drainage of your sinus cavity to not hang down in those really deep recesses of the sinus. But allows it to drain into an area that allows it to naturally do it before you’ve lost any teeth.

Dental Patient: It’s, very true. What he is saying is very true because I, I would not have believed it until I have gone through it. And I’m excited to get my implants.

Dr. Antolak: Get some teeth in your mouth so you can chew. Okay, we’ll show you part of that process.

OK so right now this is the head of the implant here and over here behind us here is the head of the implant. In other words it’s the very top surface of the implant and we’re going to be putting the abutments in there. So it’s just poking through the tissue. The implant’s there and you can see this one better right here. I’m going to go ahead and just clean this up a little bit, and then we’ll show you how the implant goes on the abutment.

OK so right now we went ahead and replaced these are the both the abutments these are the implants they were on. They actually just they go from here up the top of the implant sits about this level here and right now we’re going to put a temporary bridge over the top of it. But this is going to be her thing. These are the implants so they represent my teeth. We’re going to be a tooth here a tooth here a replacement tooth and tooth in the on here and it’ll suffice to hold her teeth. It’s nice and solid. Not going’ anywhere. And she’ll be able to use them like her own.

Okay. So now this is uh, we made a temporary bridge on it. We took what’s called an impression. And I’ll show it to you in a second. What we did is, this is going to be her temporary right now. So there’s the implant sits underneath here. And underneath here. And it sits here, too. This is all 1 piece. And go ahead and bite down for me.

And so she’ll be able to chew on this now for, since she hasn’t been able to chew on it for quite some time. As this heals and as the bone heals she’s going to find that it’s been something that has been. She’s going to get used to having something there to chew with and it’s going to be nice and strong for you, too.

Okay. This is the impression we take. And this is uh, uh, rubber. And then the laboratory’s going to make one made out of all porcelain for this and it will be good and healthy for you. So you can go out and go with your friends now with your girlfriends and eat right?

Dental Patient: Yeah let’s hope so.

Dr. Antolak: Yeah so this is Dr. Antolak. Thank you for following us through this. We’ll see you in about three more weeks and we’ll put the final fix bridge in. It does not come out of the mouth, Dell wanted to make sure of that and you’re going to be able to function fine with this.

So if you’re looking for a dental office where we are compassionate to your needs and also do quality dental care. Please give us a call. 586-247-3500 is our phone number in Shelby Township, Michigan and our website is Thank you and have a blessed day.

Dental Implant Procedure to Replace Missing Teeth