Cosmetic dental smile makeovers are popular and can change a person’s self image and self esteem. In this video Shelby Township, Michigan cosmetic dentist Dr. Robert Antolak truly affects the life of a  patient of his.  With cosmetic gum recontouring, bleaching, cosmetic crowns and reshaping the teeth,  a beautiful smile makeover is not only possible, but very obtainable.

If any of the following conditions describe you then you need to contact Dr. Antolak for a free cosmetic dentistry consultation:

  • If you find yourself hiding when a camera appears on the scene.
  • If you are the one taking the pictures, but not in the photos.
  • If you don’t show your teeth when you smile in case someone notices your teeth.
  • When dealing with people you intentionally make sure your lip doesn’t have the chance to slide up.
  • you can’t look at yourself in the mirror since you can’t tolerate your appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry and the smiles they produce have some things in common:

  • The teeth look natural in that they don’t have a black line which appears at the gum line
  • you can’t tell that they are crowns because they have small characterizations that natural teeth have made of many colors, opacity and surface contours
  • The teeth have a natural smile where the front teeth look longer and the teeth progressively look smaller as they go toward the back of the mouth.
  • there aren’t any missing teeth or holes in the smile.

Dr. Antolak practices comprehensive, cosmetic, implant and general dentistry in Shelby Township, Macomb County, Michigan.  They can be contacted at (586) 247-3500 or at