At our cosmetic and dental veneer office in Shelby Township, Michigan we help to change the way people view themselves and others.  By providing:

  • tooth bleaching
  • whitening
  • cosmetic bonding
  • porcelain veneers we can perfect your smile with cosmetic dentistry

Many of our clients are embarassed of the way their teeth look like before cosmetic dentistry and veneers.  They have a very difficult time smiling without protecting what people can see.  In fact, if you find  yourself taking the pictures more than being in front of the camera you may ask  yourself why?  Cosmetic dentistry will allow you to get in the pictures and smile confidently without embarrassment.

IF you are embarrassed with:

  • the dark color of your teeth which looks like they are stained deeply
  • the alignment of your teeth with a “snaggle tooth” appearance
  • missing teeth that have been removed in the past
  • stained fillings that show up when you smile
  • dental decay which looks like holes in the mouth
  • teeth that look absent when you smile because of their placement.

then you should give our Shelby Township, Macomb County Michigan Cosmetic dentistry office a call to Perfect your smile.

We provide all range of dental services at our office to give you a relaxed feeling in our cosmetic focused dental practice.  We can provide to you a free consultation to gather information about our relaxing cosmetic dental office.

As a new dental patient, we will take our time focusing on your needs and desires when it comes to a perfect smile makeover.   This is a subjective field and when it comes to beauty you are the best person to judge for yourself what you want to look like.   To really increase communication we take a series of digital photos of the smile, teeth and gums.

I will then take these photos and show you on our large monitors what is good and what requires treatment.  You, the patient are always in control.

Cosmetic dentistry is truly the way to perfect your smile. Be sure to visit our

Be sure to visit our .cosmetic dentistry page so that you can see the possibilities come alive for you.  Our website is and  you can visit us there or ask me a question.  Our address is 15055 22 Mile, Shelby Township, Michigan 48315 (Macomb County) and we can be contacted at (586)247-3500.