Shelby Township Dentist: Hi, this is Dr. Antolak from in Shelby Township, Michigan. Our phone number is 586-247-3500.  Today we have Colette.  And Colette has been so generous to let us video tape her cosmetic dental procedure. We’re going to be doing some cosmetic dentistry on her today at our Shelby Township dental office.  What I would like to do is just explain some of the reasons that you are looking forward to having this done and maybe some of your experiences so far.

Shelby Township Dental Patient:  Well the reason I want to have it done is because I struggled with, not liking my smile my entire life due to having my teeth broken off when I was young.   Then, I had to have crowns done at a very young age and then I had to have them replaced.  None of my teeth have ever matched and it definitely prevents me from smiling.  I mean I do smile but not to the fullest extent. You know, I’m always conscious of people looking at my mouth. And, I’m just ready to change that.  So far, Dr. Antolak has been terrific. The dental office is very enjoyable and I’m looking forward to having it all done.

Shelby Township Dentist:  Good, good, yeah, we’re looking forward to this too. We’re going to have a few challenges with the fact that she did break her teeth off and she’s got a metal post in there.  So we’re going to have to do some things, to give her a nice, very natural appearance to her teeth. As we go through the cosmetic dental procedure I’ll explain what’s going on.

Shelby Township Dentist:  So right now, what I did is I just added some composite, some tooth colored composite material to this tooth here and her eye tooth here, and the purpose of that is just to bring these teeth out so they look a little bit more prominent.  Previously, we had done some bonding on these teeth here to brighten them up and on the back ones, so we can have a nice, uniform color to her teeth. So now what we’re going to do is we’re going to take an impression of these, and we’re going to duplicate this and then, take off these crowns.

Shelby Township Dentist:  So what we have here is, we went ahead and I took her old crowns off. This is where she fell and hit her tooth and this has got what is called a dental post in it. It’s got actually a metal post and core. And so we have to try to achieve the same underlying structure.  This is called a stump shape like these two are and we want to try to achieve that on this tooth. So I’m going to do some special things to bond some composites, block out this color and try to achieve this color closely so that when these all porcelain crowns are made that they all look the same.

Another issue we have here is with her eye teeth. Eye teeth typically are darker. This one is and this one is. So, we also have to take this color and so we can achieve our final result which we’re trying to get something like this as a color. This is actually a bleach shade. So we’ve got to go from this, color and make it look natural along the process. We’ve got to go from this color and make it look natural along the process so I’m going to do some composite. I’m going to bond some material onto this tooth here so that it can, like I say, try to match the adjacent teeth.

Shelby Township Dentist:  We are going to do the dental impression now.  We are putting this material in her mouth. Put it up there, and it’s just going to stay in there for about 4 minutes or so.  Up to this point, she’s been using the gas, and she’s been doing really well. The dental procedure’s going very smoothly.

So what we’re going to do now is, we’re capturing the impression of her teeth. We’re going to take a photo of the color that we have underlying what’s going to be the dental crown and the two porcelain dental veneers. We’re going to then send that to our laboratory, and he’s going to then fabricate the porcelain off of that. So, we’ll see what that looks like, and we’ll make some temporaries out of a light shade and we’ll see, best we can get make it look for short term while the temporaries are in there, while [indiscernible] is processing the, the porcelain.

Shelby Township Dentist:  We went ahead for Colette, and put the temporary on for her, and we are going to be sending this off to laboratory. The color of it is going to be a little bit brighter than we currently have. They look very nice, very natural. right now, she is completely numbed up, so you’re not going to. You’re still numb from before so your lips not going to have the mobility.  Here is a mirror so take a look and see.

Shelby Township Dentist:  So, what I did was I went ahead and I brought these eye teeth out a little bit more from where they were, okay, to give you a full, really nice broad smile too. Like I said, the color’s going to be the color of the teeth next to them are going we’re going to brighten those up a little bit more from where they currently are. But you actually have good mobility with your lip. You know, you can’t feel them, but they still move.

Shelby Township Dentist:   So we went ahead and put those on for you, and go ahead and take a look and see what they look like.

Shelby Township Dental Patient: They look perfect.

Shelby Township Dentist:   Oh my gosh, you look so nice. So we did some beautiful nice dental veneers and some porcelain dental crowns. We masked some dark teeth that you had from a long time ago. And so it’s going to take some time to get used to being able to smile confidently in in front of the camera too.

Shelby Township Dentist:    If you have felt your smile has kept you back, then give us a call because we can do some nice for you. We have a great dental lab that we use locally and it’s Macomb Dental Ceramics. Rick will do a great job for you. So this is Dr. Antolak signing off.

Cosmetic Dentistry on Shelby Township Dental Patient to Improve Smile

If you would like to improve your smile and are looking for a cosmetic dentist in the Shelby Township or Macomb County area give The Gentle Dentist, Dr. Robert Antolak a call at 586-247-3500.

Cosmetic Dentistry on Shelby Township Dental Patient to Improve Smile