Hi. This is Dr. Antolak from thegentledentist.com. We are located out in Shelby Township, Michigan. Our phone number is 586-247-3500. We are the dental office to come for many of your dental needs. And I’d like to talk about cosmetic dentistry. What is cosmetic dentistry? I mean, we know that for example that anytime that you look and smile, it’s an amazing effect it has on the people that around you. First impressions on people are very important, and one of the things that’s most noted is the smile.

Is your teeth and the way that they come across?

Many times we’ll also exemplify your confidence level. I’ve had many dental patients who have, in the past, by changing their appearance and doing some cosmetic dentistry on them they were able to actually get promotions because there was a noticeable difference in their attitude.

Their interpersonal confidence that they had and it allowed them, their true selves to come out. They didn’t feel at that point and time like they needed to, for example when they smiled, they didn’t feel like they had to put the had over their mouth. Or they didn’t feel like when they smiled that they had to do this

This means sometimes people wonder about what’s that’s about and they often feel like it’s themselves, that the person that they’re talking to is not happy with them. So what is cosmetic dentistry? You know I just explained it’s a good way to help people enhance the way they feel about themselves. But it’s basically anything that will improve the smile and appearance of your teeth.

Many different cosmetic procedures are available in dentistry now that includes, bleaching of your teeth. Which is where we can actually whiten your teeth using little trays we can make for you. It’s all custom made. Or, you sleep with them at nighttime or during the daytime. Or, we can do the zoom whitening also which is a great way of doing it. With the zoom whiten we also need to do it at home for a bit to follow through for the most effective result.

Number 2, we can use porcelain crowns. Porcelain crowns are if you’ve got teeth that are chipped or stained.  For example, they have large fillings on them we try to just to whiten your teeth on them or bleach them. If they having fillings existing in them, they will still come out a different color. Bleaching by the way does only change the color of the natural teeth and nothing changes the porcelain or composite resin material that are used.

Also, dental veneers. Veneers are a, a small thin coating that goes over your teeth about the thickness of a credit card. And it can change teeth from a dark shade to a quite a light shade.  What is nice about that is it’s very conservative. Most of the time we can just add, take off when you’ve just a very thin layer of your tooth and literally bond on. So it’s very noninvasive to your teeth.

Another option is clear braces– you’ve heard of invisaline. We use a process called clear correct. Clear Correct is an awesome way to whiten your teeth up and to line your teeth up. And we it with the invisible braces. And so you can go through and, and get that done. And a lot of times, you won’t even know that you’re having these invisible braces done.

Tooth colored fillings, is another solution. If you look at your mouth in the back teeth especially, you may have dark silver black looking fillings. These black filling actually contain about 50% mercury.  And when we do that, we can change them to a porcelain color. It’s actually tooth colored. It’s composite material, which is a tooth colored, plastic that gets placed directly into your teeth.  And the benefit of that actually helps them to bond the teeth and prevent them from fracturing.


And so everything that we do, it, we try to make it look the most natural as possible. If your smile, basically doesn’t look good, give us a call and we’ll do that. And we have a slogan in our office. We say if your smile isn’t becoming of you, then you should be coming to us. So any of your, your whitening process, your porcelain crowns, any types of porcelain and laminate veneers. Clear braces that we talked about, tooth card fillings, anything like that, we can actually do these things for you, in a very comfortable warm environment. It’s not about the process of doing these things. It’s about giving you the result and the confidence and the smile that you’ve always desired. So, to do that, you can call us for a free consultation. Our phone number is (586) 247-3500. We are located in Shelby Township, Michigan. And our website is thegentledentist.com. Thank you, and have a blessed day.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Shelby Township, Michigan