Hi, this is Dr. Antolak from thegentledentist.com in Shelby Township Michigan, (586) 247-3500 is our phone number. What things do people mostly want to see when they have their smile? They want to show bright white straight teeth. And what happens when people don’t have bright white straight teeth? Well, they want to get them straightened out and whitened.  Well we can do the whitening through a number of different options. But one of the ways that we’ve found that works really well in our office, in my hands, is something called ClearCorrect. ClearCorrect is an aligner, just like Invisalign is an aligner and this aligner in ClearCorrect is great because what it does is it gives us a little bit more versatility than the Invisalign product does, it also is a bit more reasonably priced and so we can pass that savings on to our patients. In fact I am using one right now as I’m speaking and it looks like this.

What it is- it goes in the, in the mouth, in the teeth and it moves the teeth, it’s made by care designs. So it’s made where you can actually see each step of the way, it actually moves the teeth so you put a new one every 3 weeks and when you put it in you feel a lot of tightness for a day or so and then it slowly goes away and the teeth moves a little bit and every 3 weeks you put in a new one. Can you put this back and.

So it’s that easy to put it back in, people don’t notice. So the way that, the differences between Clear Correct and Invasalign is that with Clear Correct the brace itself, the aligner is actually clearer than other aligners. This is according to their literature they have. But in my hands, it also handles better too.  Also it does able to control what happens with the teeth. For Clear Correct they actually send, which is pretty neat they send their little templates that are made. They make a model and so then if you for example, lose them you can come in, we can make another alignment for you right here as you lose, if you lost it then you can do it. And, there is no additional charge for that up to a couple of aligners if you do misplace those or lose them.

The other thing is that, that since we do it remove the teeth actually a little bit slower, so is actually the end result is predictable, and the nice thing is because it’s shaped like a lightning tray, we can use those also at the final end product to, to whiten your teeth up. So there are many different advantages to Clear Correct. And it’s something that we use in our office and we use it mighty effectively to move teeth without braces, just like the Invisalign does. And it’s a more beneficial product. They’re a little bit easier for us to work with as dentists than the Invisalign product. So if you’re having any questions about your crooked teeth or if your teeth are crooked and you don’t like what they look like give us a call because sometimes there’s something that we can do about it.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please give us a call. 586-247-3500

Clear Correct at The Gentle Dentist in Shelby Township, Michigan