Hi, my name is Doctor Robert Antolak. I’m the owner of TheGentleDentist.com. I want to tell you one thing that makes us very unique. When you come into our dental office, you’re going to hear Christian music. Not only because it’s Christian music, but it’s because we have a deep heart love for the Lord. You know, I’ve been saved for the last, over 20-something years and, what we want to do is we want to help people who come in here and those who have fear, those who need prayers, I’d be more than happy to pray over you. I consider it a pure honor when I can do that and help the holy spirit experience coming into this office, and coming to the place and creating peace within your heart. And, allow him to work through me to help heal you.

You know, we are that way. That’s just who I am. And you know, I just want make sure that you know that you’re being treated by somebody who really cares. And somebody who honors the Lord. So, if that sounds like something that’s of interest you, and you’re located in the Shelby Township area, Michigan. You can give us a call at (586) 247-3500.