Candy Buy Back at Shelby Township Dental Office

Hi this is Dr. Robert Antolak. This is your Gentle Dentist in Shelby Township, Michigan. Our website is and we are located in Macomb County in Shelby Township, Michigan.

For the last seven or eight years now we have done our Candy Buy Back. A Candy Buy Back is something that we are very excited about doing each year. What we do is we pay kids, or groups of kids, such as a school, a dollar a pound for candy as they return it.

We will be making announcements so stay tuned on our website to find out when we’re going to be buying the candy back.

This is a program where we will refund kids a dollar a pound for candy and what I do with that candy is special. There are a couple of ministries that we use to help support that.

One, for example, is in Pontiac, Michigan, and the name of that is called the Power Company. The Power Company is very special because it takes kids off the streets and brings them in for the day. Children are bused in and taught about Jesus Christ and how to live life in way that is different than the streets that they live on. These kids come from really rough areas and they’re brought in that way.

The way it’s exciting is that the candy is actually used to treat these kids if they’re really cooperating. If the leaders notice that kids are just really listening intently, they may come over and hand them a piece of candy and that’s like you gave them a hundred dollars.

It’s the best thing to see that happening because these kids listen well and they’re being trained, and shown how to live a different type of lifestyle. A piece of candy is sometimes enough motivation to make them different. That’s one ministry.

Another way that I use this is when I go to Haiti. I go to Haiti and do mission work and we actually will take candy down there and give it to the orphan kids down there. That’s very exciting, because these kids don’t get anything. So when you can give them some candy, it’s just the most charming thing, because this is something they don’t regularly get.

So by selling the candy at a dollar a pound, these are just two of the ministries at our church. We also have a couple of ministers in Detroit where we can use this candy. So I try and buy as much as I can back for the year. There have been years when we’ve had 500 pounds of candy that we purchased back.

People will also bring candy if they have any left over that they haven’t been able to give out. They bring it back in rather than eating too much of it themselves and they give it to a good cause.

Candy Buy Back at Shelby Township Dental Office

So stay tuned for the specific information on our website at and to give you more information. It’s a very exciting time of the year for this process. Thank you, and have a great day.