It is important to get your children off to the right start in school including their dental checkup.  Proper dental care can take care of missed days at school due to emergencies and toothaches.  Orthodontic evaluation for poorly aligned teeth due to poor oral habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting and improper swallowing habits can affect teeth and their positon.  This can be done at this visit.  Also, because ot the increase occurence of dental decay from high sugar containing juices, snacks and the like it is vital to make sure that your child is decay free.

For the child that will be playing any contact sports a custom mouth guard will protect the teeth from fractures and even concussions so make sure you take care of this before the season starts.
We find that parental involvement, proper nutrition and education are all vital components to long term dental health for your child.  The only way to confirm this is by a thorough evaluation and why not now considering that school is close by.

Dr. Antolak treats his dental patients in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where you are treated like a guest in the home.  His motto is to “relax while we take care of your smile”. He specializes in cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry and general dentistry using sedation dentistry if necessary for his high fear patients. He has been treating patients for the past 21 years and is located in Shelby Township, Macomb county Michigan