Affordable Dental Care in Shelby Township, MI

This is Dr. Antolak, The Gentle Dentist located in Shelby Twp., MI.  Our phone number is 586-247-3500. When we present dentistry at our dental office we do comprehensive care.  For example we do dental implants, we do porcelain veneers, we do reconstructions of the mouth, and when you get into that level of dental care it can be costly.

It’s a very valuable investment in your smile and your dental health. But at the same time not everybody has the amount of money that’s necessary to do that.  So,  we have two programs set up here.  We have here on the right something called American HealthCare Lending. And then we have Care Credit.  Both of these are are options for you to get financing for the necessary care that you have.  There are a different number of programs that we offer and the best thing to do is to call our office up and find the details of what we have as far as that goes.

At our office we also accept cash of course, credit cards and checks. We do accept all the different major credit cards. We want to make sure that dental care is affordable for you  so you can have the necessary dental care that you really desire and deserve.

Affordable Dental Care in Shelby Township, MI

We’d like to get this as one of the reasons why you can have dentistry out of the way, so you can afford it. So, if you might be interested, you can give our dental office a call at 586-247-3500. Thank you.