Dr. Antolak enrolled in an advanced course with international speaker from Columbia University Dr. Kristos to continue his understanding of the latest technology in regards to using Cone Beam Technology and its relationship to human anatomy.  He now has the ability to look at the jaws and entire head from a 3 dimensional position and to rotate around with the computer.  Topics covered were head and neck anatomy seen on these high tech digital images.  This not only benefits this base of knowledge, but those patients who have the need for the cone beam CT Scan technology.  The diagnosis of tumors, dental diseases, lesions and normal anatomy.  He also had a great review of Oral Pathology so you can be assured of a significantly accurate treatment when you become a patient of the office.

This sensitive technology gives him the chance to diagnosis life threatening diseases like hardening and calcifing of the arteries, tumors, cancer.  The most common reason for these computerized scans is to gain information for implant surgical placement and sinus augmentation surgery.  Because the scans are so accurate these surgeries become much more predictable.   Normal panoramic xrays only show a flat image and have built in inaccuracies in maginfication.